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Satyrus Meta Art top view from above

Transport yourself instantly to Renaissance Rome with our virtual reality exhibit featuring Satyrus Meta Art Collection. Produced by Hearts4, immerse yourself in a fascinating juxtaposition of modern art and history, all in an interactive Renaissance-era setting from the comfort of your own home.

Satyrus is a real-life seasonal popup cocktail lounge in Romes' Villa Borghese.

An NFT Virtual Art Exhibition

Satyrus MetArt Jumppoint Blue Print Map


A breathtaking adventure through time. An unforgettable journey into the depths of our collective imagination. With stunning visuals and immersive virtual scapes, this journey will leave you feeling inspired and amazed.  Satyrus Meta Art Exposition will transport you into a realm that only dreams can unlock

Satyrus Meta Art Exposition

Discover more than 30 works of art created by 25+ Web3.0 artists on our virtual tour. Click and drag your mouse to view the exhibit from several jump points. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or click on the floor in any direction to move around, or select an artwork to learn more and make an offer. To zoom in and out, use the scroll wheel on your mouse or the A and Z keys on your keyboard.

Realistic Virtual Art Experience

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